33Across launches ‘first open exchange along with only viewable inventory’

Graphic from 33Across

Graphic from 33Across

Only in an industry such as digital advertising would the ability to display most of the ad for at least one 2nd be considered a feature.

Advertisement platform 33Across has decided that will viewability should instead be a regular, so it has launched AttentionX , which this describes as the first open advertisement exchange containing only viewable advertisement inventory.

“ Human being [viewers] and readable [inventory] must be the building blocks for programmatic buying, ” TOP DOG Eric Wheeler said in a declaration.

Viewable vs non-viewable. The supply on most open exchanges, according to their company, can be 50 to seventy percent non-viewable. Higher levels of viewability can exist on a private market place, Wheeler told me, but that requires customized arrangements and viewability guarantees.

In 2015, 33Across announced a 100 percent viewability guarantee, exactly where non-viewable ads would be refunded towards the advertiser. But Wheeler pointed out that their company was then supplying additional exchanges with its inventory and its assure, before launching its own exchange in regards to a year ago.

Right now, that exchange has morphed in to AttentionX, where every piece of supply has been pre-scored for viewability prior to it enters for bidding, creating a 100 percent guarantee no longer needed.

“ DSPs plug in plus it’ s all viewable, ” he told me, “ so an assurance is superfluous. ”

Besides, Wheeler said, a viewability guarantee is a hassle, requiring marketers and exchanges to settle up afterwards.

The viewability standard. The viewability is scored pre-exchange via JavaScript on the page of the participating author that allows 33Across to see the viewport windows, a description of what is noticeable to the user. 33Across says the network includes over 1, five hundred global publishers.

Additional exchanges, Wheeler said, filter supply after it’ s come in and score the viewability while the advertisement is being delivered, using historical information. No one else has “ scanned the impression quality for viewability before it gets to the swap, ” he said.

33Across uses the Interactive Marketing Bureau (IAB) viewability standard: a minimum of 50 percent of the ad in view regarding at least one second. AttentionX’ s advertisements are static imagery, animation or even rich media.

Along with meeting that minimum standard, AttentionX also offers time-in-view ads, which are a minimum of 50 percent visible but in increments as much as 25 seconds. This works better compared to some attempts at cost-per-second prices, the company says, because advertisers could use their accustomed CPM prices.

Why you should treatment. It’ s hard to imagine that digital advertising can obtain the full credibility it needs when big swaths of inventory are still marketed even though ads delivered to them might not be — you know — seen. It’ s like airlines selling a person tickets to flights that may or even may not ever take off, but we’ ll settle up later.

33Across’ s approach associated with pre-scoring inventory requires its JavaScript on page to predetermine the particular viewport, but that may be the price of repairing credibility. Its new viewable-only exchange may represent the next step beyond guarantees and could raise the bar beyond the “ half an ad for just one second” minimal IAB standard.

This approach builds on the movement in the last several years to address the viewability dilemma, including Google’ s Active View standard for delivered ads, GroupM’ s raising the bar to 100 percent of the ad or the recent inclusion of time-in-view metrics in an Built-in Ad Science report. 33Across’ new pre-exchange scoring of ad space may offer a new metric because of this evolution.

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