Adobe, WordPress, Google Docs lead CabinetM list of content marketing tools

Content marketing technology is the 6th most common layer of customers’ martech stacks, said Anita Brearton, TOP DOG of CabinetM, a marketing technologies management platform. And based on the girl company’ s list, Adobe, Search engines and WordPress are the most common of this mix.

“ There is absolutely no longer a clean line in between content marketing and marketing technology, ” said Brearton. “ We are all content material marketers in one way or another. Plus, as such, we all use one or more items of technology to create, deliver, manage or even measure the effectiveness of content. ”

Brearton pulled a listing of the most often used content marketing and advertising tools among her clients plus found the number one tool was Adobe Creative Cloud, which CabinetM classifies as a content creation solution.

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools depending on CabinetM data:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe)
  2. WordPress (Automattic)
  3. Google Docs (Google)
  4. Canva (Canva)
  5. Drupal (Drupal Association)
  6. SharePoint (Microsoft)
  7. Sitecore Internet Experience Manager (Sitecore)
  8. Curata Curation Software (Curata)
  9. InVision (InVision)
  10. LiveChat (LiveChat Software)

Of the top 20 articles marketing tools from Brearton’ s i9000 list, five were content creation systems, three of which showed up in the top ten: Adobe Creation Cloud, Canva plus InVision. While content creation platforms comprised 20 percent of Brearton’ h top 20 most popular content advertising tools, the bulk of the list was separated evenly between content management/workflow options, content management systems, content marketing and advertising platforms and chat systems.

“ One of the biggest trends is the fact that marketers are viewing chat being a content marketing tool and are recognizing it offers a way to engage customers plus enhance the customer experience, ” mentioned Brearton, “ There are three conversation tools in the top 20! ”

Drift, an articles marketing/chat solution focused on “ speaking marketing” came in 16th in Brearton’ s list of top 20 content material marketing platforms. Brearton said the particular tool was a big driver within the chat trend.

What makes a great platform? Brad Smith, founder of the article marketing firm Codeless, says the true associated with content marketing technology isn’ big t that it allows content marketers to perform more, but that enables them to perform less.

“ Martech removes the time-consuming bottlenecks, producing preparation easier, collaboration more smooth, and distribution more consistent. That will frees up content marketers to invest more time prioritizing the most difficult component: starting at a blank, white display screen and creating something from scratch, ” said Smith.

Whenever asked which content marketing technologies the team at Codeless discovers most helpful, Smith points in order to everything from an SEO content design template from SEMrush, a workflow administration platform and a Facebook ads device.

“ We make use of AdEspresso for social paid advertising, ” said Smith, who revealed the platform is also a client of Codeless. “ We pay for an account and employ it to automatically run split medical tests for both ad creative plus placements to bring down distribution expenses. You can set the variables, and it will automatically pause under-performing positions and creative, or increase spending budget on others that are working nicely. ”

One of the article marketing tools in Smith’ s toolbox of content marketing tech is usually Grammarly. Codeless uses it in order to catch glaring errors, but Jones said it also helps his group check for plagiarism (both automated plus manual) when contracting out composing assignments to freelancers.

“ For example , we commonly observe less experienced writers will fundamentally rip off content that’ s i9000 already out there and that puts all of us and our clients at risk, ” said Smith.

Snail mail? You may expect something like AI or virtuelle wirklichkeit to come up as the next big part of content marketing, but Brearton offers another idea: direct mail.

“ In the world of what ’ s old is definitely new again, marketers are returning to focusing on direct mail as part of their particular omnichannel programs because the response prices are very good, and direct mail is a great reinforcement for mobile plus online initiatives, ” said Brearton.

CabinetM  recently released its direct mail technology collection with assistance from the us Postal Service and Postalytics. The particular stack includes more than 175 martech  solutions aimed at creating, personalizing, submission and tracking direct mail strategies.

In a release launching the direct mail technology collection, USPS vice president of item innovation Gary Reblin said that immediate mail response rates are often thirty times higher than display ads plus nine-times higher than email ads.

“ What’ s new and exciting is the fact that there are lots of new tools that make it simple to create, produce, and deliver customized direct mail on demand, in addition to tools that provide the means to monitor and measure the effectiveness of immediate mail programs, ” said Brearton.

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