Aivon launches blockchain-based protocol for ‘first decentralized video search engine’

Aivon's depiction of how the new token-based community will work

Aivon’ s depiction of how its brand new token-based community will work

Metadata is the Achilles back heel of video. These shorthand textual descriptions can be employed for more detailed looking, classification or other organizing, however when scale is required, machine-generated metadata has accuracy issues.

On the other hand, the huge volume of movie on the web makes human validation prohibitively expensive, so much video searching does not show for a lot of what’ s visually generally there.

To solve this issue, the Singapore-based organization called Aivon has launched a blockchain-based open process that combines AI with individual crowdsourcing to support the creation plus validation of text and metadata for a video search engine, translation, transcribing and brand-safety applications. The organization states the resulting community will generate the first decentralized video search engine.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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