Apple company Maps takes a step in the right path

Over the years, Apple company Maps has been widely regarded as the follower to Google Maps. It has in no way shaken its reputation as being a good underwhelming tool beginning with a this year rollout that was so riddled with errors Tim Cook was forced to problem an apology for launching this type of low-quality product:

At Apple, we strive to create world-class products that deliver the very best experience possible to our customers. With all the launch of our new Maps a week ago, we fell short on this dedication. We are extremely sorry for the stress this has caused our customers and are doing everything we can to make Roadmaps better.

Yet times are changing. On 06 29, Apple disclosed to TechCrunch they will rebuild Apple Maps from your ground up. This entails, and a lot more, Apple taking control of the data that will powers Apple Maps instead of depending on third parties.

The particular widely reported and commendable transformation is good for consumers and businesses — and also underscores how far Apple needs to go in order to offer a strong option to Google Maps.

You are simply no better than your data

Apple company needed to wipe the slate expending do a data makeover. As the long term of navigation includes the use of autonomous cars and connected cities, customers require reliable mapping data nowadays.

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