Taking the ‘stuff’ out of credential stuffing

Marketers can help secure accounts with multi-factor authentication because it’s likely attackers will turn it on and make it harder to recover from a takeover. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. If you liked Taking the ‘stuff’ out of credential stuffing by Len Shneyder Then you’ll love Marketing Services Miami

Authentic communication is more important than ever in the age of coronavirus

Don’t do something because everyone else is – make sure it has purpose and meaning because your customers need honesty and transparency like never before. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. If you liked Authentic communication is more important than ever in the age of coronavirus by Len Shneyder Then you’ll love Marketing

The cross-channel stress test – election year communications

Believe it or not, the internet has played a role in U.S. elections since 1996. That year all of the presidential candidates created websites, and yes, they looked like websites built in the 90s on cutting edge Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. There was no Chrome to speak of back then, no Firefox, no Safari,

Lessons from 2019’s holiday email sending (hint: mobile dominated)

We’re a month into 2020 so what better time than to look back at the holiday shopping seasons of 2019 to inform our strategy over the course of the next 11 months. This year, like any other, some email marketing practices won the clicks of millions of holiday shoppers, while others drove users away. But

It’s time to restore identity and trust to digital communications

Way back when the Internet was young and early internet surfers were using 3600 baud modems to launch themselves via copper into the Netscape driven cyberverse, trust and identity were not really as important as they are today. Flash forward to today: Identity and reputation both play a critical role for re-establishing trust across digital

Here is why you need to make sure your email design is definitely mobile-first

It should come as no surprise chances are that if you’ re designing email messages with a mobile-first ethos and visual, then you’ re already past due to the game. Nearly 56% of emails are now opened with a mobile device , which means we’ ve been living in a mobile-first world for quite some

Lengthy live email: Why email’s long term remains bright

Despite the fact that we live in a world exactly where email makes headlines when it’ s used as part of a large level data breach, it’ s nevertheless the world’ s number one conversation channel. The volume of legitimate e-mail grows every year, reaching a fever presentation in North America around Black Fri and

E-mail trustworthiness: Here’s how to avoid looking like junk e-mail

We’ ve come a long way since the early days associated with email and its critical role in every corners of the internet . These days, email is the life line among brands and consumers — transactional email helps close the cycle on user-initiated transactions, thus restricting the amount of time both parties need to

Exactly why nothing matters more than your email’s subject line

For nearly a decade, commentators have been talking about the decline associated with advertising in terms of impressions and ticks. If you’ re looking around the space, don’ t – I’ mirielle talking about you, the reader, and be assured, I’ m referring to myself, as well. We see advertisements on every bus stop, unobfuscated