Bottos launches a marketplace for information to train AI models

Countless advertising platforms are utilizing artificial intelligence, for example predictive modeling that recognizes designs.

But , to recognize styles and find insights, an AI motor needs to be trained with lots of examples.

A Singapore-based startup known as Bottos says that the cost of information to train the model can take upward half the budget for an AI or even predictive modeling project. To reduce the price and the hassle, the company this week released a public beta of a blockchain-based Data Marketplace. A full release edition is expected to launch late the following month.

The marketplace is actually the very first decentralized app, or DApp, upon Bottos’ s open-source public blockchain. Co-founder Xin Song told me which the custom-made blockchain is the backbone to have an ecosystem based around various AI applications.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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