Commercetools’ Kelly Goetsch: Think ‘spokes, ’ not ‘hubs’

Go headless and best of breed.

That’ s the key advice through Commercetools chief product officer Kelly Goetsch for large enterprises planning to expand their e-commerce. (He may dive deeper into this subject in his presentation on “ Exactly how IT and marketing can use microservices to peacefully co-exist and function the needs of customers” at our MarTech Meeting next month in Birkenstock boston. )

Founded within 2013, Commercetools provides function-specific cloud-based mini-applications that operate with the help of regarding 300 APIs. If you want to add a functionality to check inventory before making a purchase, add that component. If you want a brand new kind of checkout, add that one.

This best of breed “ Lego bricks” approach works well for web commerce, Goetsch told me, because selling items is a series of discrete steps that the brand might want to customize for its exclusive approach.

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