Concealed PPC traffic killers

In case a pay-per-click (PPC) account and the advertiser’ s business model are functioning fairly well, we often find that a business proprietor becomes heavily dependent on the PPC channel.

“ Greatest extent the volume! ” and “ We’ re down from last year, I’ m very worried” are usual (if vague) remits from customers and bosses deep in the thrall of this perennial growth-driving channel.

If you’ ve arrived late on the PPC picture, you might not be aware that previous account supervisors assumed the channel was “ naughty” and that PPC needed to be reined in. Sure, there are sources of money bleed in any PPC account, yet there are downsides to an overly protective stance.

Seeking volume in the context of an “ over-tightened” account can cost even more (in the form of high bids, excess use of remarketing and overzealous attempts to get new inventory in other channels that could be enabled via PPC platforms — say, in Display).

Even the savviest of us may overlook some of the excess tightening which has crept into an account. Some of this really is obvious; other times, it’ s extremely difficult to dig up.

Here are five ways your PAY PER CLICK account may actually be blocking away perfectly acceptable traffic.

1 . Unreasonable dayparts

Businesses that depend on a retail store or phone interactions might fairly adjust bids downwards in off hours.

Business to business (B2B) campaigns might seem to be better suitable for run during normal business hrs, targeting people at the office.

I get it. The problem with this particular is that none of it is 100 percent genuine; people do research (especially, now, on the phones and tablets) during away from hours. In AdWords, the time area you use is fixed, so presumptions around your coastal bids is going to be three hours off.

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Toby Goodman is founder and Chief executive of Toronto-based Page Zero Media , the full-service agency obsessed with PPC overall performance since 2002. Current clients consist of Well. ca, Princess Auto, plus Nuts. com. Andrew wrote two editions of Winning Results Along with Google AdWords (McGraw-Hill), a groundbreaking book on PPC strategy plus tactics. He continues to speak frequently at SMX and other events. This individual was also an adviser to (and later, co-founder of) a consumer evaluation startup, Toronto-based HomeStars, acquired simply by HomeAdvisor in 2017.

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