Desired: Nominations for this year’ s ‘ Naughty & Nice’ list

Perhaps you’ ve felt like entertaining or booing someone in advertising, ads or search over the last a year.

If so, now’ h your chance to amplify those emotions!

We’ re searching for nominations for our fourth annual “ Naughty & Nice” list, possibly in the Naughty or the Nice groups — or both.

How to nominate. Submit your entries to tips@marketingland. com, and be sure to include “ Marketing Land’ s Naughty & Nice List” in the subject industry.

Please don’ to nominate yourself or your customers, unless you or they have done something which a fair-minded observer would objectively consider “ naughty” or “ nice. ” No limit for the number of nominations you can make in possibly category. Please also link to related press releases or stories relating to the business or event you cite.

And, to get those candidate selection juices flowing, check out our “ Naughty and Nice” lists through 2015 , 2016 and last year .

The deadline. Make your nominations in by December fourteen, 2018. We will make the final choices about which nominations make the checklist. Anyone submitting a selected candidate selection will receive a credit in the credit section.

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Barry Levine covers marketing technologies for Third Door Media. Earlier, he covered this space as being a Senior Writer for VentureBeat, and has written about these and other technology subjects for such publications because CMSWire and NewsFactor. He launched and led the web site/unit in PBS station Thirteen/WNET; worked being an online Senior Producer/writer for Viacom; created a successful interactive game, PERFORM IT BY EAR: The First COMPACT DISC Game; founded and led a completely independent film showcase, CENTER SCREEN, dependent at Harvard and M. I actually. T.; and served over 5 years as a consultant to the Mirielle. I. T. Media Lab. You will find him at LinkedIn, and on Tweets at xBarryLevine.

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