Exactly where software innovation is needed today: Martech

A senior-level executive asked me for suggestions the other day. For the past 15 years, he previously worked for a company that marketed software to publishers and cherished the challenge of helping to invent a brand new industry.

But since the market matured and his company had been acquired, and then was acquired once again, he realized that the heady times of constant innovation were over. Exactly where should he go to get that will same adrenaline rush and create a real impact?

The response was immediate: marketing technology platforms (aka martech).

This isn’ t to say that will publishers are no longer buying software. Just the opposite is true. But every component of the particular publisher ad tech stack, through quote to billing, is focused by clear market leaders — Salesforce, Google, Domo, Oracle — just to name a few, as is usual in mature markets. If you want to operate a field that’ s wide open in order to new players, the sell-side environment is bound to disappoint, because it’ h locked up.

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Rob Rasko is a thought head in the digital marketing industry. Their venture, global digital solutions company The 614 Group , enables results-driven customer marketing efforts in the practice regions of content monetization and revenue technique, brand safety, technology and electronic systems integration, and corporate technique.

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