Extremely Bowl ads show Alexa included in daily life

Super Bowl ads this past Weekend bounced between the past and the long term, with a generous dose of reminiscence ( Stella Artois ) to offset panic about the coming of AI plus robots ( Michelob Ultra ). But there was multiple ads featuring virtual co-workers, either with Amazon Alexa or even stand-ins meant to evoke Alexa.

Sad device plus ‘ a lot of fails’. Whether the ads celebrated or satirized virtual assistants, the clear inference was they’ re now part of our daily lives and here to remain. A selection of these spots included Pringles’ Sad Gadget , Mercedes Say the Word plus Amazon’ t Not Everything Makes the Cut .

The irony of the ads is that brands were making use of virtual assistants/smart speakers to market many (e. g., Pringles). But clever speakers haven’ t materialized since viable channel for brands. Irrespective, the installed base of sensible speaker owners continues to grow.

Growth of Households along with Multiple Smart Speakers

Supply: CIRP, January 2019 (n=500 intelligent speaker owners)

Growth of multi-speaker homes. The latest survey data through Consumer Cleverness Research Partners (CIRP) indicates that the holiday quarter noticed significant smart speaker sales. Amazon . com had currently confirmed this,   plus last month the online retailer stated that it had sold more than one hundred million Echo devices.

Extrapolating from its new survey information, CIRP announced, “ the US set up base of smart speaker products is 66 million units, upward from 53 million in the Sept 2018 quarter and 36 mil… in December 2017. ” There are other more intense estimates that recommend the U. S. market might have crossed the 100 million gadget threshold. The actual number may are lying in-between these two estimates.

CIRP also said its information show the number of smart speaker proprietors with more than one unit in their houses grew significantly in the past year, along with 35 percent of owners today reporting more than one device at home. That will compares with just 18 % in December 2017.

Why you should care. This now seems likely that conventional advertising won’ t be a feature of the Alexa user experience . Instead, Amazon . com has given its approval in order to subscriptions and premium content product sales by third parties within abilities. E-commerce is also in there somewhere. Nevertheless skills have thus far not already been a very effective marketing or branding device.

By contrast, Google appears focused on making the Assistant right into a booking and commerce platform (e. g., book rides, buy movie seat tickets ). It seems hard to think, however , that audio ads or even sponsorships and video/display ads (on smart displays) won’ t check out some point in the future on Google House devices.

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