Facebook’ s new rules for politics & issue ads start these days

Facebook is now enforcing the new insurance policies for political and issue-related advertisements . Announced last month , the new guidelines require all advertisers running politics or issue ads on the system to verify their identity plus location. US election and problem ads will have to be clearly labeled and can include “ Paid for” info to identify the person or organization at the rear of the ad.

“ This will help ensure that you can see who is spending money on the ad — which is specifically important when the Page name doesn’ t match the name of the company or even person funding the ad, ” writes Facebook Director of Item Management Rob Leathern.

In addition to confirming the advertisers plus labeling the ads, Facebook has additionally created a searchable archive that will sign political and issue ad content material from advertisers going back seven many years. Information about individual ads — like the campaign budget for the ad, the number of users saw it along with their age group, location and gender — is going to be included in the archive which can be found at Facebook. com/politicalcontentads or accessed by simply clicking the “ Political Ad” brand now identifying the ads.

Facebook say it is also dealing with its Selection Commission , the group it constructed to determine the impact of social media upon elections, and other stakeholders to release an API for the archive, in addition to working with news organizations to help distinguish between news and non-news content material within the archive.

“ These changes will not prevent mistreatment entirely. We’ re up against intelligent, creative and well-funded adversaries whom change their tactics as we place abuse. But we believe that they are going to help prevent future interference in polls on Facebook, ” writes Leathern.

The company encourages customers to report ads that show up political but are not correctly tagged by clicking on the three dots within the top right corner of the advertisement. Any advertisers that are found to become violating the new rules will be prohibited from running ads on the system until they have been verified.

The launch for Facebook’ s i9000 new political ad policies arrives a day after the company has begun showing users a warn within their News Feed , motivating them to review the information shared through their profile, and gives details about Facebook’ s advertising policies plus face recognition technology. The notifications are attached to the EU’ s GDPR initiative that launched recently.

Today on “ CBS This Morning, ” Facebook VP of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson said the company’ h latest efforts around user personal privacy and security represented the biggest social shift she has witnessed since getting part of Facebook.

The newest political ad policies are the consequence of Facebook failing to identify the full range of Russian interference in the 2016 US elections. The fact that it overlaps with the GDPR launch — a move with the EU to protect user data and enforce data protection across the digital landscape — aligns two separate but overlapping problems that have put Facebook in crisis-control mode since March, when it suspended Cambridge Analytica — the company arrested of exploiting Facebook’ s consumer data for political ad campaign power.

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