Google Marketing Live: Here come fully automated ads & campaigns for Local, Shopping & more

During the livestreamed keynote at Google Marketing Live in San Jose, California, on Tuesday, Google executives announced several initiatives, all of which are powered by machine learning and take automation to another level.

It’s easy to start being glib about yet more mentions of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as just about every product or feature release from Google Ads (the new brand name for AdWords that will be rolling out this month) and Bing Ads over the past year or so has had machine learning behind it. However, we’re entering into a new, more automated phase.

No longer is automation limited to certain aspects of campaign management — such as bidding or dynamic headlines. Now, every facet of a campaign — bidding, creative and targeting — can be automated based on a few inputs from the advertiser.

First there were Dynamic search ads, now there are Responsive search ads. First there were Universal App Campaigns, now there are Local Campaigns. These new campaign types also deliver ads across Google’s broad swath of ad inventory: Search, YouTube, Display, Apps, Maps and so on. A big part of the Google Ads rebranding, after all, was to more clearly put all of those properties under one umbrella.

For the rundown of Tuesday’s announcements, read the full article on our sister site Search Engine Land.

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