Here is how to ‘expertly’ hit a link-building home run

We all know the significance of great content, and we also realize that without relevant, authoritative links within sufficient quantities, even great content material won’ t perform well in search.

What most people don’ big t know, however , is how to effectively build — or rather, earn — individuals relevant, authoritative links.

Sure, everyone understands the basic concept of hyperlink outreach , and some search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners even get decent comes from it, but very few have really optimized their approach. And considering  our entire job revolves about optimization ,   our personal processes should be optimized as well.

The more efficient and effective you can make your own link-building efforts, the more impressive plus profitable your results will be. Simply because you build it, it doesn’ t mean the links will come.

So , let’ s have a minute to dissect the wrong method, and then I’ ll share a way we use at Spartan Mass media (my company) that’ s constantly a home run.

The incorrect approach

If you’ re like most SEOs, you produce an amazing piece of content and then embark on an epic quest to frequency websites to link to it.

I think this is the wrong technique. It may seem like a good way to go regarding link building, but I feel it’ s i9000 a backward approach.

You’ ve created a piece of articles first and then gone out wanting to convince people it’ s advantageous to link to. Maybe it is, probably it isn’ t, but you’ re essentially performing the online comparative of door-to-door sales.

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About The Author

Jeremy Knauff is the founder of Spartan Media , an electronic marketing agency in Tampa, Lakewood ranch. He’s also a proud father, hubby, and US Marine Corps experienced. After 18 years in the electronic marketing industry, he’s learned a few things, and today, while still serving their clients, he’s working to share their knowledge with the industry to help much more people.

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