Hi there peak martech: 2019 Marketing Technologies Landscape growth slows for first-time

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — The number of companies encompassed within the famous Marketing Technology Landscape failed to grow by double digits the first time in eight years, with  the particular 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape which includes 7, 040 companies, an increase associated with just three percent from 2018 .

Lead author and MarTech Meeting chair Scott Brinker, unveiled the particular 2019 Martech Landscape during a keynote address at the conference in San Jose Thursday.

“ The immediate reaction would be, This really is it, we’ ve reached top martech, ” said Brinker within an interview earlier this week. “ Yet what it comes down to isn’ t a lot peak martech. It’ s top martech landscape. ”

Brinker came to that conclusion right after he began looking for martech in global markets and other sectors and discovered that the landscape misses a lot that’ s happening in regional martech and the thousands of smaller solutions plus apps available in various ecosystems associated with martech giants such as Salesforce, Oracle and HubSpot. “ WordPress posseses an ecosystem of 54, 000 extensions! ” noted Brinker.

“ We’ ve hit the particular limits of what can be monitored down and included in one visual, ” he said, noting the in proliferation of small stage solutions and ecosystems is element of where he views marketing technology heading .

Chiefly, in the new age associated with martech, Brinker sees the big environments evolving into open platforms which are complemented by integrated, third-party applications; services firms offering more when it comes to automated solutions; and the ability to generate no- or low code options means marketers can create and personalize point solutions to meet their particular needs. And all of these factors are usually propelled by the cloud.

Why you should care.   “ In some ways, forget about martech five, 000. Welcome to martech 50, 500, ” said Brinker, pointing towards the hundreds of plug-and-play apps that are basically mini martech products. “ You will find regional, vertical, ecosystems, services plus citizen martech segments. ”

The handful of behemoths — Adobe, Salesforce, etc . — which have made large acquisitions in recent years also are contributing to the explosion of exactly what could be called micro-martech within their environments. Not to mention the proliferation of solutions integrating with one another — consider Adobe’ s recent partnerships with LinkedIn, Drift, Roku and ServiceNow .

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