Prediction About Data Usage Post-GDPR

Whether you’ re a consumer or a digital business, you couldn’ t avoid hearing the words GDPR or consent in the last six months.

So, what happens now? Consumers received email consents and opt-in notices, companies made a mad dash to prepare for GDPR compliance and industry conferences covered the topic extensively. Certainly, GDPR has changed business practices, but has it actually changed perceptions around data usage and what companies plan to do in 2018 and beyond?

I spent a week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity asking industry leaders their perspective on this topic. I set out to learn two things:

  • What do you think about data-driven marketing post-GDPR?
  • What questions and concerns are your clients voicing to you about GDPR compliance?

I met with TiVo Advanced Media & Advertising  SVP/GM Walt Horstman, Spotify Global Head of Advertising Brian Benedik and Apps Flyer Senior Marketing Director Ari Rosenstein. Here’ s what I learned.

Thoughts on data-driven marketing post-GDPR

“ Our position is that GDPR will create a flight to quality in the data world, which is an advantage for TiVo, ” explained Walt Horstman. “ We’ ve always had rigorous policies in place with regards to TV viewership data. GDPR largely benefits us because the industry has been conservative in terms of the mechanisms by which data can be released to the marketplace. Everything has gone through appropriate vetting. ”

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