Press Trust warns of malware within HTML5 ads

When HTML5 was getting promoted as a replacement with regard to Adobe’ s Flash, security was obviously a key reason.

However according to Mass media Trust CEO Philip Olson, “ HTML5 is not this particular panacea and safe haven. ” Actually his company — which displays third-party code and advertising intended for brands — has come across the wave of malware on HTML5 ads on mobile and desktop computer web, with some wavelets beginning to strike HTML5 ads on apps.

“ We are seeing a lot more badness in HTML5, ” this individual told me, such as a higher frequency of situations and bigger attacks.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Barry Levine covers advertising technology for Third Door Mass media. Previously, he covered this area as a Senior Writer for VentureBeat, and he has written about these as well as other tech subjects for such books as CMSWire and NewsFactor. He or she founded and led the web site/unit at PBS station Thirteen/WNET; worked well as an online Senior Producer/writer intended for Viacom; created a successful interactive sport, PLAY IT BY EAR: The very first CD Game; founded and brought an independent film showcase, CENTER DISPLAY, based at Harvard and Meters. I. T.; and served more than five years as a consultant towards the M. I. T. Media Laboratory. You can find him at LinkedIn, and Twitter at xBarryLevine.

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