PureCars launches an attribution platform only for car dealerships

Buying a vehicle these days often involves extensive online investigation before visiting a physical car dealership.

That’ s a vital reason why attribution has been difficult pertaining to auto dealers, says car technological platform PureCars, which released a product sales attribution/business intelligence platform  this week it says is the first one to completely track the path from online research in order to dealership visit.

Known as Signal Professional , it is complementary to PureCars’ existing Sensible Advertising marketing automation platform for dealerships, which allows multi-channel campaigns. CEO Sam Mylrea said clients can use Signal Professional in conjunction with Smart Advertising, or individually.

The challenge. Mylrea said that car buys present an unique attribution problem, since buyers typically spend so much from the pre-purchase time conducting research on the internet, with a physical trip only within the last stage of test driving, last negotiation and purchase. In other words, the channel dynamic is particular to this business.

A solution. Signal Pro gets the feed from the inventory management approach to its clients, about 3, 500 dealerships in the US. It tracks consumer activity at dealer websites, wedding activity with ads run simply by its client dealerships, and, through third-party data services, engagement plus impression data on car-related advertisements that are run by others, such as auto makers.

If an user goes to a dealer website or views one of the ads, PureCars is able to match the user to a cross-device graph, which employs IP contact information and other indicators to match anonymous customers to persistent identifiers, like telephone numbers. Those identifiers then help suit the customer who walks into an actual showroom and buys or rents a car to an ad engagement or perhaps a site visit.

Formerly, Mylrea said, his company can track ad campaign engagement, as well as particular attribution signals like an user completing a contact form or an user contacting a specific phone number. Now, he mentioned, Signal Pro enables dealers in order to link the online research to the actual purchase, and also predict where every customer is in the buying period. Mylrea claims Signal Pro may accurately tie about 80 % of dealership purchases to the appropriate marketing or advertising impetus.

Why you should care. While other attribution providers similarly offer multi-point attribution, which includes linkages between online marketing and off-line purchases, Mylrea said Signal Professional is the first specifically tied in to dealer inventories and designed for car purchases.

Given that vehicles are generally consumers’ second-biggest purchase right after homes, knowing which ad invest or site content impacted sales could be a valuable piece of the marketing challenge.

This tale first appeared on MarTech Today. For further on marketing technology, click here.

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