Quite wants to make cloud app administration as carefree as its name

Cloud-based tools may be easier just for marketers to manage than on-premises variations, but there is still a fair quantity of admin. That’ s where startup company Blissfully comes in.

Founded in 2016, the brand new York City-based firm provides a system for managing software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs for about 600 client companies, mainly mid-sized with 100 to one thousand employees.

Membership renewals, ops workflow. “ Pretty much every business [these days] runs on SaaS, ” CEO Ariel Diaz noted, incorporating that managing the applications is commonly a collaborative effort between THIS, HR, marketing and other departments.

The Blissfully platform, this individual told me, helps to bridge that cross-departmental management by providing a collaborative management where a manager can invite other people to join, can assign access ranges and can track usage.

It also tracks the metadata associated with a company’ s SaaS apps, such as when to renew the subscription, and how much your company will be spending on its subscriptions and associated costs. Additionally , it provides an functional workflow to help onboard new programs, to onboard or remove a worker from an app, or to help with compliance for the General Data Security Regulation (GDPR), SOC 2 or even ISO 27001.

From Blissfully

From Quite

Appropriate documents, list of vendors. To help with compliance, the Quite platform directs the user to the relevant files or certifications posted by the cloud-based application, and to the documents published by the application’ s associated suppliers.

Some of those documents live in Blissfully’ s growing database, yet others are posted by the applications or even vendors themselves. There’ s the to-do list of requirements for conformity, and a system of record in case the customer company ever needs to document its compliance efforts.

Quite doesn’ t, however , provide entry to the functions in those applications, it doesn’ t enable incorporation of application routines like Zapier or Tray. io, and it doesn’ t provide access to customer information in those tools, as Section does.

Rivals include spreadsheets. Internet marketers and other managers are already performing several operational capabilities, Diaz noted, yet they’ re often using manually-maintained spreadsheets or the like. A user may import an existing spreadsheet into Quite, after some prep, or may export the platform’ s information to a variety of formats.

Diaz said that Blissfully’ s competition include BetterCloud , although he or she claimed that solution is deeper onto it and financial management for a number of vendors, whereas his company will go “ wider, ” supports a lot more SaaS vendors and is also designed to enhance business operations.

Likewise, Zylo is more enterprise- and finance-oriented, he said, plus Siftery — lately acquired by G2 Crowd — is more focused on tracking spending on SaaS apps and on their reviews.

Why you should care. Virtually all software applications are shifting to the cloud, which makes their specialized management less problematic but still simply leaves their administrative management.

A platform like Blissfully provides the operational tools for managing so what can easily become dozens of subscriptions plus renewal cycles, each with its very own set of users and compliance problems. As marketers acquire more equipment, tool management itself becomes a required task that requires the right tool.

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