Regardless of 280-character expansion, short Tweets are the norm

Since duplicity character limits for Tweets in order to 280 characters a year ago , Tweets says people are still keeping their particular Tweets short and replying more regularly. On Tuesday, the company released a listing of trends it has noticed since upping character limits. After analyzing just how Tweets have changed since personality limits doubled, here’ s exactly what Twitter learned.

Tweets are shorter. Twitter says the most common length of the Tweet now is 33 characters, which only three percent of worldwide Tweets are over 190 heroes. Only one percent of English Twitter posts reach the 280-character limit.

Not only have Tweets continued to be brief, but Twitter says a lot more people are using “ please” plus “ thank you” in their messages. The company says there has been a 54% increase in the use of the word “ please” and a 22 percent increase regarding “ thank you” since duplicity character limits.

(Whether or not people are actually nicer to the platform is up for debate. The quantity of abusive content is still an issue intended for Twitter — so much so that it continues to be the company’ s primary focus ahead of the U. S. November polls. )

Less abbreviations, but more questions. The company says fewer individuals are using abbreviations for words such as great, before and sorry. Given that doubling the character limit, the regularity of the abbreviation “ gr8” can be down 36 percent, “ b4” is down 13 percent, plus “ sry” is down 5%. Meanwhile, the full-spelling of those terms are on the rise, with “ great” up 32 percent, “ before” up 70 percent plus “ sorry” up 31 %.

Twitter says it offers seen a 30 percent increase in the amount of Tweets that include a question mark “? ” — which, arguably, much more of a statement on current situations than the number of questions being presented.

More wedding. Overall, Tweets are usually receiving more replies, but Tweets didn’ t disclose any particular metrics around how many more responses are happening. Still, since response are up it could mean  there is certainly more conversation happening on the system — and a greater likelihood that will brands could be generating more wedding.

The sweet location for a Tweet’ s length shows up not to have changed since Tweets gave users more characters. In the previous 140-character limit, Twitter states the most common length was 34 character types. At the current 280 character restrict, the most common Tweet length is one-character shorter at 33 characters.

Twitter says when twitter posts could only be 140 figures, less than 10 percent (9 percent) strike the character limit. Now that the character restrict is double that, only one % of English Tweets are making usage of all 280 characters and twelve percent are longer than a hundred and forty characters. Five percent of British Tweets are longer than 190 characters.

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