Request the #SMXperts: Going All-In Upon AMP

The Request the SMXpert series continues problem and answer (Q& A) section held during sessions at  Search Marketing Expo   (SMX) West 2018.

Today’ s Q& A is from the Going All-In On AMP session with Benu Aggarwal , Eric Enge and Paul Shapiro , with an intro from moderator  Michelle Robbins .

Michelle Robbins

Search engines announced it’ s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project 2 years back. In that time the framework provides advanced significantly to support a larger variety of on-page elements and options which includes support for ads, analytics, online elements, dynamic geo-targeting, and more. Although it’ s a shortcut in order to providing an optimized mobile encounter for users, many are still over the fence about the whys and hows of implementation. Our panel associated with experts demonstrated how they and their own clients have found success with the open-source framework, and helped clarify a few of the confusion around why a company may want to consider going all-in on AMPLIFIER.

Paul Shapiro

Slide outdoor patio: A Brief Introduction to AMP

Question: What exactly is better to implement, single-page application, PWA or AMP? Pros and cons? Is it possible to mix?

John:   There is no simple response to this question and isn’ capital t something I would organize in terms of advantages and disadvantages. I’ d think about this more with regards to needs or what you’ lso are trying to accomplish with your website.

Single-page application (SPA) [has] to do with how you wish to code your website in regards to why you’ d want to take that path. It doesn’ t have just as much to do with search, and can actually make seo (SEO) more complicated.

Modern web apps (PWAs) are amazing and a web trend I think many people can get behind. At its primary, you’ re enabling app-like efficiency for your website, and some of that is rather simple to enable.

In some instances, you may be able to convert your current website to a PWA with minimum changes. If you want a really good PWA, you might want to reconsider how your site is designed plus architected.

For instance, in case a primary reason for making a PWA is certainly enabling offline functionality, then you possibly want to invest in a strong app cover design.

Accelerated cellular pages (AMP) as a technology, that may be  used in conjunction with PWAs. There’ s even a clever title for it, PWAMP.

In theory, it could also be integrated with an HOT TUB.

If you aren’ big t a publisher (for which AMPLIFIER gives a clear advantage), AMP need to primarily be thought of as a means associated with commoditizing web performance optimization. Much more it much easier to make your website a quick experience. It is also useful in situations by which site speed performances are hard to achieve due to politics and individual code bases provide a solution.

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