Search engines ups its AI services along with new Contact Center solution plus developer tools

Google is certainly boosting the AI-as-a-service offerings recently, most notably with the alpha release of the new Get in touch with Center AI option.

Contact Center AI is built around its Dialogflow growth suite for conversational agents, that was launched last fall and currently in wide use. Dialogflow Organization Edition now has the ability to build AI-powered virtual agents for contact facilities, a Phone Gateway for taking phone calls without infrastructure, Knowledge Connectors pertaining to understanding unstructured data like Frequently asked questions and Sentiment Analysis.

In Contact Center AI, a Digital Agent first answers the call plus handles it if possible. If not, this passes the call to a human consultant, who is helped by an Agent Help system that continues to monitor the phone call and provide supporting info as required. There is also a Conversational Topic Modeler to assess topics from audio recordings plus chat logs.

Within outline, it sounds like some other techniques already out there, but the implication is the fact that this is a contact center offering Duplex-like capability. Google is clearly cautious about the undesirable feedback it obtained when Duplex — a human-sounding bot — was demoed within the spring. Its announcement made clear that will Contact Center AI will see “ best practices, ” which right now include telling people when they are usually talking to a bot.

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