Supercharging your SEO with AI: Information, automation and personalization

Recently, I had the satisfaction of presenting at SMX Greater london on Supercharging your SEO with AI and believed I would share some of the insights along with Search Engine Land readers.

Google made global headlines using the demonstration of its new Duplex at this year’ ersus I/O developers conference . This particular artificial intelligence (AI) system may “ converse” in natural vocabulary with people to schedule an appointment at a hairsalon or book a table in a restaurant, for example.

To the Turing Test, AI should behave in a manner indistinguishable through that of a human. To many, Search engines Duplex has proven that it may pass this test, but in reality, we are only seeing the origins of its future potential.

This specific use of AI made headlines since people are drawn to applications of AI that can mimic human interactions, regardless of whether in science fiction or within real life. While that response is definitely driven by fascination, it is also web host to an element of fear.

Can AI replace people?

As marketers, we generally encounter two perspectives on this. Possibly AI will take our jobs plus render us obsolete or it is going to complement our skills and create us more effective.

Based on a study by the Economist,   seventy five percent of executives say AI will be “ actively implemented” within companies within the next three years, so this much more than a hypothetical discussion.

As hype turns to fact, we are realizing that the second viewpoint is the likely outcome. This would certainly become the most beneficial outcome, with PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasting that AI will add $15. 7 trillion to global GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT annually by 2030.

Moreover, AI is already all around us, embedded in services and products we use every day, like Netflix and Pandora.

Possibly most pertinently to us because marketers, AI is deeply inlayed in search, and it opens a number of new opportunities for SEOs that will embrace this technology early.

The role of AI in search

Artificial cleverness is making search more individual. Although search does not yet “ speak” to users in the same way the particular Google Duplex demo could, the objective is very similar.

Google’ s

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