The continuing future of TV advertising in today’s electronic world

If you’ ve implemented industry chatter on the state from the TV landscape, then you’ ve heard more than a few times that the TELEVISION advertising era is over. NYU teacher of new media Clay Shirky known as TV “ dead” in Politico back in 2014, and he hasn’ big t been the only one. But , while many commentators proclaimed the medium’ s ultimate demise, something else happened: TV progressed. It advanced.

Since it was when Marshall McLuhan presented it more than fifty 50 years back, the medium is indeed the information: Television continues to play a main role in the way that we consume information and entertainment, whether the content originates from a traditional network or via a loading service.

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Get rid of Moran is responsible for leading RhythmOne’s innovative products team to find unique possibilities in a dynamic, digital marketplace. Along with over 20 years of digital advertising experience, Chuck has developed a broad knowledge of the connected consumer and how manufacturers can engage them through technology-driven, creative solutions and programmatic purchasing.

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