The particular Google expanded text ad CTR lift that never was

Responsive search ads (RSA) are the hot paid research topic of the day. They give advertisers the opportunity to provide Google with up to fifteen headlines and four descriptions that will Google can then mix and match in tests for the most effective combination of ad duplicate.

In exchange for screening the new format, advertisers can show as much as three headlines instead of two, in addition to showing two 90-character descriptions rather than one 80-character description. Google lately announced the expansion of RSA formatting in order to regular text ads .

The jury is still out there as to whether RSAs will have the meaningful impact on text ad click through rates (CTRs), but the dust much more or less settled on the final major text ad  update to consider the pay-per-click (PPC) world simply by storm: extended text ads (ETA).

adwords expanded text advertisements changes

Brand new paid search blood might believe nothing of the two 30-character head lines and 80 character description accessible through ETAs, but in (puts upon spectacles) MY day, we had for making do with one 25-character heading and two 35-character description outlines.

Despite ambitious anticipation from marketers and Google as well, the results since ETAs became the written text ad standard indicate the file format hasn’ t had quite the result many predicted it would.

No sign of text advertisement CTR improvement since ETA deadline day

ETAs entered the testing phase in early 2016, and advertisers can choose to load standard (which I’ ll refer to as “ OGAs” from here on for their status factory-like text ad format) or extended ads through January 31, 2017, at which time only expanded textual content ads could then be packed.

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