There is absolutely no reason to manage bids manually

Bid administration is not traditionally thought to be part of an advertising job so why do so many lookup marketers  manage a handful of bids? Just how did bid management creep to the job description?

In my opinion the task rose out of necessity due to the fact when pay-per-click (PPC) took off within the early 2000s, ad platforms talked a different language than their marketers. Where AdWords ( now Google Ads ) wanted advertisers to set an optimum cost per click (CPC), the companies advertisers displayed were more concerned with driving presence, making sales and getting leads.   They were things better defined through a focus on rank, cost per acquisition (CPA) or return on advertising invest (ROAS).

To link the disconnect, the people managing the particular accounts had to do the math to convert company goals into the type of bids Search engines needed. And that’ s the reason why managing bids became a primary part of search marketing.

Quick forward 18 years and I feel it’ s time to stop managing bids personally. In this post, I’ ll cover the simplest automated bidding options to start with and part 2, I’ ll protect the most common automation pitfalls to avoid.

The rise of automatic bidding

Where as soon as bid management was as simple since setting a maximum CPC, matters got more complex over time as Search engines introduced new levers for bet adjustments to control bids for dayparting, geographic locations, devices, demographics and today, custom audiences. With that many feasible adjustments, a single keyword alone may need upwards of 10, 000 bids in order to account for every possible scenario!

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Frederick (“ Fred” ) Vallaeys was main 500 employees at Google in which he spent 10 years building AdWords plus teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it as the particular Google AdWords Evangelist. Today he is the Cofounder of Optmyzr , an AdWords tool organization targeted on unique data insights, One click Optimizations™, advanced reporting to make accounts management more efficient, and Enhanced Scripts™ for AdWords. He stays up-to-speed with best practices through his use SalesX , a search marketing agency focused on switching clicks into revenue. He is the frequent guest speaker at occasions where he inspires organizations to be a lot more innovative and become better online marketers.

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