Tips on how to capitalize on the competitive advantage of current data analysis

The Real-Time report in Google Analytics allows you to keep track of website activity as it actually takes place on your website or app. The particular report is continuously updated, plus website activity is reported a few moments after it happens. This immediacy associated with real-time data provides digital internet marketers with unique and valuable information.

There are many ways you can make use of real-time reporting such as gauging the potency of your mobile app through occasion tracking and monitoring one-day offers on your site.   Today I wish to focus on and recommend marketers use Google’ s Real-Time report for three specific things:

  1. To quickly monitor results for short-term campaigns or promotional efforts.
  2. To track immediate interaction with newly published content.
  3. To test and verify Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation.

Real-Time Overview

The Real-Time report contains an Overview plus five specific reports:

  • Location report.
  • Traffic Sources report.
  • Content report.
  • Events report.
  • Conversion report.

Each report is described beneath with suggestions on how marketers ought to use them to analyze real-time website information and improve marketing results.

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