Tips on how to rev up your page speed regarding better website performance

Page speed  is now a ranking factor on mobile search. That means it’ s a critically important component in every of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts due to its impact on user experience.

According to  research conducted by Financial Times, a 1-second slower page results in a 5 percent reduction in reader engagement .

Google states over half of the visits made to cellular sites are abandoned if it requires more than 3 seconds for the display to load.

The bottom line is simple: Page velocity plays a significant role in efficiency, whether we’ re talking about compensated or organic search, reader engagement, product sales or lead generation.

Thankfully, improving page speed isn’ capital t some arcane and mysterious darkish art. You won’ t have to brew a special potion, summon devils, or sell your soul. You’ ll just need to have a decent knowledge of certain technologies and invest the right old-fashioned hard work to bring it all jointly.

Establish a baseline

The first step is to establish a primary. By doing that, we can obtain a quantifiable dimension of speed and identify the job we’ ll need to do to improve this. Some of the tools I use for this are usually:

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