Typical mistakes and quick fixes to enhance poky page speed

There are several reasons to improve how quickly your own web pages load. One of them is web page abandonment.

If your webpages load slowly and customers depart before seeing your services, how can you grow a business and be successful?

A recent Google study implies that 53 percent of mobile website visitors will abandon a website if it requires more than three seconds to load.

Associated with added importance to search engine marketing specialists (SEOs) is that page load rate is currently a ranking factor upon desktop search and mobile page load speed will even become a ranking factor in July 2018.

I’ ve seen a few typical mistakes that can drastically impede the page’ s load speed. Fortunately, many of these mistakes can be fixed easily and quickly, which is a good thing, since every little helps when it comes to improving page load quickness!

Let’ s take a look at three common issues that affect down load speed and how to correct them.

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