Using Pinterest to drive high-volume traffic upon auto-pilot

“ Isn’ t Pinterest just for bloggers? ”

I hear this particular question all the time when I mention Pinterest marketing, typically from digital online marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts and your regular horde of haters.

And my usual response is normally along the lines of…

“ Maybe. So? ”

After all, nearly every website on the market has a blog in some form yet another, and putting out consistent content material is often the cornerstone of a wide range of businesses SEO strategies. If Pinterest really is “ just” for blog owners, and nearly every business has a weblog, why wouldn’ t they want some that Pinterest pie?

Pinterest as a content marketing tool

Having digitally “ cultivated up” in the blogging community, I could see firsthand the success bloggers accomplished through Pinterest marketing.

It is a hot topic in Fb groups and forums when it comes to managing a successful blog. Pinterest often connections (and even surpasses) SEO among the leading sources of traffic for blog owners.

So how big can be Pinterest? Let’ s look at the figures.

According to Pinterest,   in 2017 there were 175 mil active Pinterest users around the world plus 75 billion ideas “ pinned. ”

Ninety-three % of Pinners (i. e., Pinterest users) use Pinterest to decide what you should buy online, and 67 percent have got said they discovered new products due to what they’ ve seen upon Pinterest.

Over 14 million articles are usually pinned each day , and eighty percent of Pinners use the Pinterest mobile app to find what they’ re looking for.

Pinterest has an undeniable amount influence, particularly if it comes to female users — even though about 50 percent of new Pinterest sign-ups were men in 2017.

Amidst all of that, what is actually impressive is the sheer volume of content material and traffic circulating through Pinterest and how bloggers have harnessed this particular as a articles marketing tool. Here’ ersus a case study to help drive house that point.

Case study: Pinterest in action

I am a large fan of Pinterest now, yet initially, I was skeptical. I’ mirielle nothing if not a data geek so , I decided to jump within and take a closer look at Pinterest for a case study, since I kept listening to all these great things about it.

In November of 2016, We published a piece of content for a travel-related site and circulated it upon Pinterest through the travel site’ h Pinterest account. The traffic plus engagement results were impressive! The one blog post got 5, 000+ opinions, 3, 000+ repins and went 1, 500+ visitors to the website within three months’ time.

This website stopped publishing content plus running marketing campaigns in Feb 2017. Even without further Pinterest marketing, this site continued to receive 600+ users last month (April 2018, surpassing organic traffic) from Pinterest alone, and the account itself will get 3, 900+ impressions per day.

This case study is not even close to the most impressive of examples, as the success of blog post circulation is normally measured in visits to the internet site, brands can get the added advantage of brand awareness through visual blood circulation.

Those 5, 000+ impressions could very well translate into customers getting driven directly to the source, even with no link.

My example told me even a novice can see true results from Pinterest marketing.

Why haven’ t more SEOs and content marketers jumped to the Pinterest wagon?

Great question. Pinterest may be lagging as a result of perception that it is for mommy blog owners, arts-and-crafters and people who want to DIY their own wedding. If you wander over to Pinterest. com, you’ ll see that most of the content falls into those types.

But I think Pinterest is more than that. I believe it’ s a search engine.

However the front page may be full of Builder jars, fall outfits and pictures associated with kittens, what’ s behind front side page and the search box is really a different story.

Pinterest displays a broad range of industrial sectors and is a source of content for individuals looking for anything from auto components to zebra-print rugs. This product variety attracts all kinds of folks and fulfills queries for a wide range of topics, companies niches.    

As a  marketing platform, Pinterest doesn’ t arrive naturally to marketers. They are acquainted with Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn pertaining to content circulation, but Pinterest can be uncharted territory. Which is even more cause to get the jump on this strategy before it takes off in the content marketing area.

How to use Pinterest as a high-volume traffic tool

The “ secret” associated with Pinterest marketing isn’ t a real secret at all, as the numbers are left out for obvious reasons. The real secret behind it is that will bloggers have long been using Pinterest as a source of traffic, while it continues to be all but ignored by SEOs plus content marketers.

In case you are serious about generating relatively passive, inexpensive traffic to your own sites or your own clients’ sites, then this guide is perfect for you.

We’ lmost all dive deep into my articles strategy for Pinterest success, and also steps to make the most of Pinterest marketing to push high-volume traffic on autopilot (even after the campaign has ended).

1 . Know if your niche market is a good fit for Pinterest

How do you know if your site is a good fit for Pinterest advertising? Look at what’ s already right now there.

Though Pinterest doesn’ t have the data to show research volume, you can do a bit of keyword analysis on your own.

First, visit the Explore feature to see the most popular groups on Pinterest. If your business drops into one of these categories, it’ h a safe bet that people are searching for content around that topic.

2nd, type your topic into the research box and see what content is certainly displayed. If it is in line with the content you intend to put out, this is further verification that sites in your niche are usually circulating content on Pinterest.

Finally, you will also see subject suggestions underneath the search box. They are listed in descending order so the conditions on the left are the most popular subjects. These terms will aid your own Pinterest SEO strategy.

If all three of these simple steps bring up a high volume of content associated with your niche, you can move forward with confidence. knowing your site is in line using what users are searching for.

The main element is just to get YOUR content in front of the eye of Pinterest users before your competition do the same.

second . Write great content & enhance for Pinterest

A content marketing strategy, the success of your advertising campaign depends on the content itself.

Before you jump into Pinterest marketing and advertising, be sure that your articles is engaging and set up for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION success .

Specifically, your post or page titles plus meta descriptions should be SEO-friendly plus eye-catching. These elements will be drawn into your Pins, so having them enhanced will increase circulation and click-through price (CTR).

After the Pin number graphic, the title and explanation are what users will see to find out whether they are interested in your content delete word — so it must be in line with what exactly they are searching for and match what the Pin number is about. Understand  exactly what really matters in SEO articles so that you can set your own Pins up for success.

3. Create a business Pinterest accounts

The next step is to create a business Pinterest account for the site you are running the campaign regarding. This will allow you to access analytics on your own account.

Having one particular account per website is favored, rather than circulating content for several customers through your own Pinterest account. Pinterest has its own algorithm as well, plus circulating content from a variety of niche categories will dilute your strategy plus result in less engagement overall.

Be sure to include a link to your site, your location (if applicable), and include an attractive profile image and protect photo to your profile while you’ re at it.

4. Enable ‘ Rich Pins’

You will then enable Rich Pins for your website. This is what enables Pinterest to pull in your optimized game titles and meta descriptions. Setting this particular up is relatively easy, and Pinterest also allows for different Pin types depending on your niche. This step is important!

5. Optimize your own Pinterest profile for SEO

Optimizing your Pinterest accounts is perhaps the most involved part of this technique, so let’ s break this down into a few simple steps here.

First, go back to the key word research you did in step one. Note the most popular categories and subjects for your niche, and you may also wish to look at competitor Pinterest accounts to find out what keywords they are targeting.

If you are skilled in key word research, those same principles utilize here as well.

In case you are new to keyword research, I recommend signing up for a keyword tool such as SEMRush or Ahrefs to get started.

Second, incorporate these keywords into the profile name and description. Allow it to be readable, and avoid keyword stuffing, just like you would with other social media profiles. (It is best to avoid an account name which is very clearly a brand or marketing and advertising account. ) Rather than naming your “ Best SEO Business, Seattle, ” you may want to name it “ Weblog Boss | Blogging Tips & SEO Hacks. ”

This will have a wider appeal whilst being SEO-friendly.

3rd, create boards related to your specialized niche. For example , create a “ best of” board for your content and then a minimum of 10 other boards for repinning content (I’ ll talk read more about this later).

Every board should be named according to the subjects you aim to cover.

For example , if your account is going to talk about content about digital marketing, you might have boards for “ social media suggestions, ” “ graphic design ideas” and “ marketing hacks. ”

Include keywords for every topic in the title and explanation of each board (It is OKAY to add a couple of keywords to the explanation in this case).

Include 20 or so topic-related Pins in order to each board (ignoring your “ best of” board for now) to fill your boards. This can help Pinterest’ s algorithm see what type of content you are interested in and will be sharing as time passes.

Finally, it is recommended which you set cover images for each plank, similar to the way I did it around the account above. This makes your more appealing and easier for customers to determine what your content is about.

It is likely that your Pinterest SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION strategy will evolve over time while you receive more data on the achievement of your Pins. Rework your user profile to match the queries of your customers.

6. Create a Tailwind account

Ready to generate traffic to your site on autopilot? Tailwind is vital to making all of this a reality!

Note that I am NOT an affiliate or even associated with this app in any way, yet I am a huge fan because this is exactly what brings this strategy all together!

Much like Hootsuite or Buffer, Tailwind allows you to schedule your content (ie Pins) to different boards. Unlike other applications though, it is partnered exclusively along with Pinterest, so that the two work together effortlessly.

The most amazing part of this particular app is that it can run consistently AND optimize posting times for you personally. It is also where you will find “ Tailwind Tribes” to share your content to groupings for wider reach.

7. Design attention-grabbing Pin visuals

The graphics a person create for your Pins are some of the very most, if not the most, important factors when it comes to individuals actually repinning your content. You simply won’ t get the level of engagement you would like if your Pin graphics do not lure users.

Even if you get into a “ boring” niche, there are many things you can do to make your graphics fascinating.

For example , if your post is “ The Top 30 Money Saving  Vacation Sites, ” a good graphic is surely an interesting stock photo and shiny text overlay. You may even want to include your site logo and uniform source locator (URL) at the bottom for personalisation.

Guidelines for Pinterest graphics

Here are some simple guidelines to help you create graphics for your articles:

  1. Make images long and vertical, preferably 735 x 1102 px.
  2. Make graphics bright and prominent.
  3. Include the title of the post or page in the visual.
  4. Keep branding/colors constant.
  5. Avoid too-obvious personalisation, like large logos or business name.
  6. Create several graphics per Pin to allow for assessment.

For DIYers, I recommend using Canva. com to make your graphics. It has Pin web templates you can use. If you are doing this for a customer, I strongly suggest hiring a visual designer to make eye-catching and professional-looking graphics.

Oftentimes, developers will make two or three templates for you to use plus edit each time you publish a new Pin number. Just swap in a new picture and title and you are good to go!

Note that having multiple visuals per Pin allows you to test the potency of Pins over time. You will see which visuals are performing best (in your own Pinterest Analytics dashboard) and can modify your templates accordingly.

Once you have created graphics for your Hooks, you can add them to your content as the showcased image or within the content by itself.   The important thing is that, once contributed, the Pin comes up with your recently created graphics.

almost eight. Join group boards and Tailwind Tribes

By becoming a member of group boards on Pinterest plus Tailwind Tribes within the app, you happen to be expanding your reach to other balances in your niche.

Comparable to Instagram’ s algorithm for displaying content to users that are related to balances they follow, group boards motivate other accounts to share your content using their audiences and the accounts that follow all of them.

In fact , the number of supporters your account has matters far less compared to how many eyes you get your content before on a regular basis through group sharing.

There are many resources online that will outline how to identify and sign up for group boards, but my favored site is PinGroupie or inside Pinterest itself.

To get group boards on Pinterest, you will need to do some digging by looking at the planks of other accounts in your specific niche market. If the board has multiple customers associated with the board, this is likely an organization board. To join, click on the board explanation and follow their specific guidelines for joining.

You can be sharing your own content here plus repinning the content of other balances in your niche.

Becoming a member of Tailwind Tribes is a similar procedure; you can use the “ Find a Tribe” feature to find them. You will want to discover groups that appear active — that is, they are pinning and repinning daily.

Once you find the Tribe, take note of their guidelines intended for posting, as some of them may request you repin a certain number of Hooks per day, for example. The fewer limitations and requirements, the better.

These group boards will come straight into play once you start scheduling your own Pins via Tailwind.

9. Schedule your Pins (content)

Once your submit or page is published, you need to schedule it via your Tailwind app. You can do this either via Tailwinds Chrome extension or within the desktop computer app itself.

Tailwind will give you the option to select what planks you want to schedule your content to so when. You can add time slots, schedule several Pins at once and schedule Hooks from other accounts.

You will need to pin your own content first for your “ Best of” board, after that to every board that is related to that will topic, including the group boards you might be in.

As a general rule, eighty percent of the content you pin number should be from other accounts, and twenty percent should be your own content. I suggest scheduling at least 30 Pins for every day.

The Tailwind app will circulate your content based on the schedule you set but will also provide suggestions for optimal sharing times. The particular goal is to be continuously pinning your articles to have it appear in front associated with as many users as possible

10. Keep track of your analytics

Your Pinterest Analytics dash will tell you the number of impressions your Pins are getting , how many saves, repins, clicks, and much more. Knowing the impressions data will help you observe what content is performing properly and will inform on your future articles strategy.

If you have Search engines Analytics enabled on your site, additionally, you will be able to see how much traffic the source “ Pinterest” is sending to your web site. This will confirm the success of your strategy.

Beyond the data, it will always be beneficial to look at what your competitors performing on Pinterest. If you see that particular kinds of content are getting a lot of repins and comments, that’ s an excellent indication that you may want to create articles that is similar. You may also get regarding their keyword strategy and what type of graphics they are using.


Pinterest is among the most robust and affordable content material marketing tools out there, though  it is often all but ignored by SEOs plus digital marketers alike. Bloggers are already using  Pinterest for years to drive high-volume traffic to their websites and understand with the help of apps like  Tailwind, the content strategy can almost operate on autopilot.

The key in order to implementing this strategy successfully is being constant. Schedule your  content regularly, remain on top of the data, and continue placing out high-quality content. Before  lengthy, I have no doubt that Pinterest can be one of your favorite content circulation equipment for  you and your clients.

Opinions expressed in this post are those of the guest author instead of necessarily Marketing Land. Staff writers are listed here .

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