Video clip Advertising Bureau: Brands should prevent influencer, UGC channels on YouTube

In a brand new report entitled “ Risky Company: Exploring Brand Safety on YouTube, ” the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) claims that brand safety is evasive if not impossible on most of its stations. The report argues that marketing experts should advertise on professionally created content channels and avoid UGC and also YouTube premium content channels completely.

Brand security is a growing concern online. Brand safety problems online are well documented. The report catalogues many of them. It points out that due to the fact “ 400 hours of video clip are uploaded to its system every minute, it may just be as well cumbersome at this point for YouTube to manage the influx of content plus comments and to guarantee a brand-safe environment to advertisers. ”

VAB says that of the particular 50 million channels on YouTube, more than 17, 000 are supervised for the comScore YouTube Partners Record. The overwhelming majority of YouTube stations feature user-generated content and therefore existing potential brand safety risks based on VAB.

The statement also critiques YouTube inventory obtainable through the Google Preferred program because lacking transparency. Beyond this, the very best YouTube influencer channels feature various levels of brand safety.

In the above chart, based on 3rd party (not VAB) data, the top Youtube . com influencers are ranked according the look of unsafe content, which includes styles or images such as “ weaponry, drugs, violence, scandals, profanity, negative thoughts or hate speech. ”   VAB says that unsafe content material sees lower engagement rates that will more “ brand-suitable” content.

The challenge for brands, based on VAB, is that to achieve scale online many brands need to advertise upon thousands of channels, which exposes these to potentially unsafe content.

Pro content or no content material. The ultimate recommendation from the report — although it doesn’ big t empirically address the scale issue — is to advertise exclusively upon professionally produced TV and movie content appearing on YouTube. VAB states this content is among the most viral plus engaging on YouTube and has significant achieve.

YouTube CEO Leslie Wojcicki has been asked about brand name safety and fake news online at a conference in San Francisco upon Monday. She said that YouTube has been working hard to address these problems plus would be adding additional fact-checking abilities, but wasn’ t going to enter into the business of “ editorializing movies. ”

Exactly why it matters to marketers.   It may be self-explanatory, but brand names that become associated with “ dangerous content” may see negative consumer responses. The report cites previous study data to show:

  • 36 percent (of consumers) believe an ad is an endorsement from the brand
  • 37 % change how they think of brands that will run alongside offensive content when creating a decision to buy
  • twenty percent will boycott, be singing, or raise issues about manufacturers that run adjacent to offensive content material

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