Viewpoint: Google Partners Program incentives ought to include actual client goals

I received an email yesterday regarding new challenges and rewards within the Google Partners experience, so I going over there to see how stuff are going these days.

Perhaps you have visited the Google Partners Rewards experience? It simplifies the particular steps for how “ points” are obtained by agencies plus shows you exactly what you can do to gain these points (and what those factors buy you. Google-branded Tile anybody? ).

According to the web page, you can earn points by these 7 “ challenges: ”

  1. Audience challenge
  2. Search automation
  3. Screen automation
  4. Non-last click on adoption
  5. Host the live stream event
  6. Participate in a training
  7. Group certifications and specializations

Expected culprits like qualifications and training achievements give firms ways to gain points for swag-winning fun, but some of those categories just for swag-winning points have of a lot more ominous tone to them.

For instance, incentivizing an agency to add Lookup or GDN automation into a portion of accounts so they can get that will Google ping pong table doesn’ to begin to hit upon actual customer goals. This is to say nothing associated with whether or not that automation is, at the moment, even what is needed by that will account.

The fact that Search engines isn’ t incentivizing agencies on which is best for their client accounts is definitely sadly no longer a surprise to me, however it does remind me of discussions I’ ve had with many PPCers (including Googlers) over the years. Conversations which frequently involve the wish for Google’ h agency and rep program end up being re-centered around what is best for person account goals, rather than what will achieve Google’ s internal purposes.

Admittedly, Google is a company and therefore has its own incentives going to (though much argument has been experienced in recent years on the line they walk among business and service, especially in gentle of EU rulings along with other concerns. An argument I won’ big t even try to wade into in this particular short post, especially since I obtain confused by it myself).

That being acknowledged, I don’ t mind saying that incentives agreed to agencies which may or may not format with an individual client account is really a significant concern for me – each for my clients, my own company and the industry itself.

Ultimately, I believe that what is within Google’ s best interest, the agency’ s best interest as well as the client’ s (you remember all of them, the ones who fund *all* of this) best interest is all the same – client account success.

Clients measure success differently, which usually complicates the matter. But it’ t 2019, and we have data appearing out of our ears and more likely compared to not, we have specific goals for a lot of accounts we manage. Not an company? Guess what; in-house teams have targets as well.

What if all of us worked together on what our customers actually wanted to accomplish.

Google Partners Program reward swag

Can there be an alternative?

Rather than provide agencies arbitrary point numbers depending on which percentage of their accounts possess some sort of automation in them, why not possess a section in every account where the customer goals are added and up-to-date to align Google’ s benefits program, account opportunities recommendations, notifications, etc . with the goals we are in fact trying to reach.

For example , 2019 goals for accounts ABC are to hit a six hundred percent ROAS target and increase tracked revenue by 10 percent calendar year over year.

That is information all within Search engines and would be something that could be scored and used for all of the aforementioned automatic alerts and opportunities.

Instead, we have goals to get 100 % of clients on Search plus GDN automation so we can “ win” a Google mini-fridge.

Do I think automation is usually bad in itself? Nope. Do I believe implementing automation by testing as time passes and strategizing thoughtfully (even in case that means *not implementing* in a specific account) is the better plan, rather than pressing it live just to clad the agency in Googley sweatshirts?   Yeeeeaaaahhhh.

Am I actually surprised by this updated Companion Points program? Not at all. This post is simply one more effort of mine in order to shout into the increasingly feedback-less gap that is Google Ads (they lately eliminated all of the accounts they were positively following on Twitter to just 5 accounts) to request that we redouble on what is best for our individual customers. Not just what is best for Google.

Automation forced too quickly won’ t help Google ultimately. Assisting us hit the actual goals in our clients will make happy clients that will spend more, and *THAT* will ultimately assist Google.

Final believed, having some sort of mechanism for calculating and exceeding client goals can be part of what could be used by Search engines to actually begin to recognize and aid high-performing agencies (not simply high-spend agencies) and is something I desired for a very long time ago: Is it time for the PPC management quality score?

Of course , if we do have a mechanism for accurately calculating agency quality, we’ d after that have to solve the problem of exactly where all of those less-than-stellar digital agencies tacking PPC onto their services obtain Popcorn machines?

Honestly, I’ m not as concerned about that will problem.

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