Vivoom turns user-generated content into user-created ads

Individual clips from Maroon 5's Vivoom-powered

Individual clips through Maroon 5’ s Vivoom-powered “ Confessionals”

The greatest difference between today’ s marketing and advertising in the days of “ Mad Men ” is the current need for users who create and share content about your brand.

A user passing around imagery showing a product being used, especially if it comes with that user’ s implied endorsement of said item, has more value than truckloads associated with ad impressions.

Frequently , brands sift user-created content to curate the best photos of real individuals eating their hot dog or maybe the best videos describing how much these people love driving their Subaru. They may conduct a contest and screen the dozen best hot canine photos or link to the best Subaru-appreciation video.

Since 2014, Boston-based Vivoom has been taking this particular a step further, offering a white-label platform so brands can immediately add user content like movies into a brand-created offering. And then the consumer can share that result, delivering a more completely packaged brand information.

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