We are hiring: Help digital marketers enhance their thought leadership

Third Door Media happens to be looking for a Community Editor to prospect contributed content efforts for its industry-leading editorial brands Search Engine Land, Advertising Land and MarTech Today.

The Community Editor is first the convener, adept at cultivating a solid community of contributors who have proven high-level expertise in digital advertising wish to help their fellow marketing experts by extending that knowledge for their peers. The Community Editor is a competent editor and content specialist who also helps contributors develop their happy to have maximum reach, impact plus educational value to the more than one 6 million audience members who also trust Search Engine Land, Marketing Property and MarTech Today for the best plus most-actionable intelligence.

This can be a remote position.

Primary job responsibilities:

  • Identify and recruit contributors to get Search Engine Land, Marketing Land plus MarTech Today.
  • Work together with contributors to develop their content plus leverage best practices for digital submitting, offer feedback and guidance.
  • Editorial review of all added content. This includes editing, proofreading plus fact-checking.
  • Manage posting calendar for contributed content
  • Foster discussions among users of the contributor community, convening all of them through vehicles like email plus Slack.
  • Create content boards from our contributor community, web hosting discussions with members of TDMs editorial team and our contributing factors.
  • Work closely with the events programming team by possibly recommending contributors who could be loudspeakers or vice versa.
  • Track performance of contributor content material across all digital channels
  • Lead special projects plus packages tied to contributor content.
  • Assign contributor pieces in order to align with TDMs editorial work schedule.

Essential Specifications:

  • Strong content judgement and content development experience.
  • Ability to manage several external relationships.
  • Solid editing and writing skills.
  • Highly organized. Position needs the candidate to coordinate an extremely large roster of contributors.
  • 3-5 years experience within creating digital content in a newsroom, digital media company or articles marketing department.
  • Specialized comfort with digital content equipment, planners and content management techniques.

If you are curious, please send resume and resume cover letter to Henry Powderly, Vice Chief executive, Content at hpowderly@thirddoormedia. com.

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