Pro Tip: Partnerships are critical in securing your martech stack

It seems we can’t make it more than a couple of weeks without hearing about a major company that’s suffered a major incident or breach, but for the second year in a row, the 2019 Martech Salary Survey shows that both data privacy/compliance reviews and security reviews were at the bottom of the responsibilities list

Launching a new product? New Instagram tests launch day ‘Buy on Instagram’ reminders

Instagram is testing product launch reminders in Stories and posts. Instagram wants to be more than a place for product discovery. It wants to deliver an all-inclusive commerce experience that brands develop entire product plans around. Its latest test, announced Monday, is aimed at giving brands tools to build excitement around upcoming products their fans

Customer Data Platforms vs. Data Management Platforms

Data solutions are the number one type of tech currently being implemented by Enterprise companies. And with data-driven businesses experiencing 30% more growth than their competitors, who could blame Enterprises for jumping at the chance? Not every business is getting data strategy right, but the ones that are are thriving. But here’s the catch: With

How we can restore trust in digital advertising

Benoit Grouchko is CEO and co-founder of Teemo. Teemo is a France-based location intelligence provider (“drive-to-store” marketing platform) that serves the retail, fast-food, automotive and grocery industries. The company worked closely with the French privacy regulator (CNIL) to develop specific consent language around third-party use of location data and saw 70% consumer opt-in rates. Benoit Grouchko is

Once you’ve defined your ideal customer, it’s buyer activity that matters most

We’re 20 years into the SaaS revolution now, and B2B companies have gotten the table stakes of an operational set-up for tactical go-to-market pretty much down. We know how to define our ideal customer profiles (ICP) in terms of firmographics. We understand the importance of technographics and the implications of existing installs on sellability. We’ve

Soapbox: We need to be more skeptical about the insights we’re getting

Think about the last statistic someone threw at you, whether that’s on the Captivate monitor in the elevator or the latest medical study you read about. Was your first thought: “I need to know more about how the research was conducted before I take this as truth?” Unless you’re in academia or social science, the

Comscore settles charges that it and former CEO Serge Matta engaged in securities fraud

Earlier this year Comscore lost its CEO Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter. The two left over an alleged strategy dispute with the board. This afternoon the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged the troubled company and its former CEO Serge Matta with securities fraud. $50 in revenue fabricated. According to the SEC, Comscore and