AWS makes it easier to add machine learning prediction models to your martech tools, dashboards

Amazon is bringing its machine learning capabilities to more business analysts and developers. The company announced Tuesday that Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight users will now have access to machine learning prediction models that can easily be integrated into various applications and business intelligence dashboards. “This makes it more straightforward to add ML

Think CCPA doesn’t apply to you? You should probably think again

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has many companies in the U.S. scrambling to figure out whether and how to comply when the law goes into effect on January 1. It explicitly covers for-profit companies doing business in California or with California residents. The plain language of the statute says one or more of the

Social now dominates $57.3 billion U.S. programmatic display market

Social is accounting for a higher-than-expected share of programmatic display ad spending. Advertisers in the U.S. will spend more than $57 billion on programmatic digital display by the end of 2019, with 56.3% of that going to ad units on social platforms, a new report from eMarketer predicts. Social’s share of programmatic display spending is

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on SaaS, digital marketing tools and online courses for marketers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are indisputably two of the biggest shopping holidays of the year for consumers, but it is also a great time for digital marketers, small business owners and agile teams to snag critical martech tools at a bargain. Many marketers are so focused on finishing up their campaigns for Black Friday

Want to be a CX leader? Embrace more listening channels, collect and share customer feedback

B2B businesses have as much to gain from an optimal customer experience strategy as B2C organizations, but building and implementing effective CX methods takes time and effort. The larger an organization is, and the more siloed its business units, the more difficult it becomes to get all departments united on a CX strategy. The good

DAA introduces CCPA opt-out mechanism similar to ‘ad choices’

As the CCPA deadline approaches, there are multiple companies offering tools for compliance. The latest comes from trade group Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). The DAA is a consortium of industry associations and responsible for the “ad choices” icon that appears on most online display ads. Like ‘ad choices.’ Conceptually similar to ad choices, The DAA

How to perfect your email marketing strategy this holiday season

The holiday season remains the hottest battle of the year between brands for shoppers’ dollars. This coming season is already heating up, with the National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasting 3.8-4.2% growth. While every marketer with a stake in the game meticulously plans this season, are they wasting their efforts at one of the most critical

Pro Tip: Leaning into Facebook’s automation for the 2019 holiday season

After much bluster and a snowy Halloween (for some of us, at least!) Holiday 2019 is here, and I’m sure that many of you are working through strategies to maximize your campaign performance while also maintaining your sanity. To that end, I’d like to remind you of a few features available within Facebook Ads Manager:

Acast Open launches to give brands an on-ramp to podcasting

The podcasting platform Acast has launched Acast Open, making available its podcast production offerings to any brand or publisher wanting to start a podcast. Acast Open includes three subscription models — Starter, Influencer and Ace — that come with different levels of support and analytics. Why we should care Adobe Analytics reported that podcast app