Fb Messenger 4 will make it simpler for users to connect with manufacturers

Facebook has started rolling out a new version of Messenger — called Messenger 4 — that promises a far more “ simplified” experience. Among the updates, the messaging app is reducing the current number of tabs from nine tabs down to only three: a Chats tab, People tab and find out tab.

Other new features will include the ability to personalize chats using customized color gradients to reflect the mood or topic of conversation and a “ Dark Mode” interface that minimizes phone screen glare.

Why marketers should care

While the earlier versions of Facebook Messenger included a “ Discover” tab, Messenger 4 will give a lot more prominence to the area of the app exactly where users can find and communicate with companies directly.

Previously, Fb Messenger included nine tabs, yet as the newest version begins to turns out, users will only see three tab — a Chats tab which is “ front and center” from the app and include a Camera at the very top; the People tab to find friends, find who is active and view Tales; and, the Discover tab exactly where users will be able to, as Facebook creates, “ … connect with businesses to have the latest deals, play Instant Video games, book your next vacation, follow the information and more. ”

Fb Messenger is gaining more grip with brands as more companies are utilizing the messaging platform to reach consumers, possibly directly or via bots or even ads. Facebook’ s efforts in order to simplify the layout of Messenger and drive more engagement enjoy right into the company’ s objective of further monetizing the messages app so that it is a consistent flow of ad revenue.

Akvile DeFazio, president of the social internet marketing agency AKvertise, says her organization has ramped up Facebook Messenger advertising efforts for clients due to the results they’ re seeing.

“ Facebook Messenger continues to be increasing in use for users plus advertisers alike. It’ s a good move for Facebook to begin taking over the chat space — along with Messenger and chat apps getting brands closer to consumers and in a far more personalized manner, more so than e-mail these days, ” says DeFazio.

More on Facebook Messenger four

  • The new Messenger 4 is rolling out internationally over the coming weeks as Fb says it wants to give customers time to get accustomed to the changes.
  • All previously added functions — such as polls, video speaking and the ability to share your current place or play a game with buddies — remain available.
  • According to research conducted by Kelton Global in August of this yr, seven out of ten people mentioned simplicity was a top priority for them within a messaging app.

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