Fb to reveal country of source behind Pages

In late June, Facebook announced several actions to bring more openness to Pages and their linked ad campaigns. Those included a brand new “ Info and Ads” key that yielded information on ads operate by the Page owner on Fb and across its various attributes and partner networks.

Today the company is introducing the companion measure that will seek to avoid bad actors from hiding at the rear of fake or hijacked accounts plus require identification of “ principal country location” for Pages along with large US audiences. (It’ h not yet clear precisely what that will threshold is. )

Facebook will now require people controlling Pages to complete an  authorization type:

Authorization requires people who manage these Pages to secure their account with two-factor authentication and confirm their major home location. 
 In case a Page manager requires authorization, they’ ll receive a notice at the top of their particular News Feed to begin the process. This would only take a few minutes to complete.

For those required to full an authorization — Pages along with large US audiences — failing to do so will prevent any further publishing or updates and effectively secure them out. The new policy may roll out this month.

The point of all this, as well as a number of other actions Facebook is having, is obviously to prevent the kind of deception plus manipulation of audiences that affected the 2016 presidential election plus subsequent European elections — and it is still a threat in the forth-coming US midterms.

The brand new information will be very helpful to media and political professionals, among others. The actual question is whether “ ordinary people, ” the targets of deception upon Facebook, will take the time to investigate in which the information is coming from.

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