Fizziology employs Watson linguistic analysis to complement endorsing athletes’ personalities with brands’

If you’ re looking for a soulmate, personality complementing via a dating site is one way to higher the odds of compatibility.

And, if you’ re the marketer interested in finding a good suit for your brand, social media research company Fizziology has released results of the effort with the omni-resourceful IBM Watson to similarly employ personality coordinating between professional athlete endorsers plus shoe/apparel brands.

How the personality matching works. In Fizziology’ s undertaking, which it says is the 1st brand-to-celebrity matching employing the supercomputer’ s linguistic analysis, Watson looks at the social media posts of a provided brand’ s fans to determine the character traits they assign to the brand name, as well as the traits indicated by the athletes’ own posts. In both cases, the particular posts were made to Facebook, Tweets and Instagram.

Whilst PR agents might generate any some of the athletes’ posts, the idea would be that the resulting declarations represent the image the particular athlete wants to present. The social networking posts are unsolicited, consist of more athlete or brand mentions, and are also positive in tone.

Watson Personality Insights, a linguistic analysis technology, categorizes the blogposts by several metrics. One type is Needs, which are those facets of a celebrity or brand likely to speak out loud with a consumer, such as Closeness, Attention, Self-Expression and Harmony. Values are usually factors motivating a fan’ s i9000 decision making, and then there are the Big five characteristics of personality traits: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Emotional Range plus Openness.

Watson after that matches the two personality types, within the hopes of creating a lasting certification marriage. The key question for the brand name, according to Fizziology EVP/GM Rich Calabrese: Will the person the brand is usually signing connect with our brand promoters?

The match-ups. The results have been described in a free report from Fizziology, “ Uncovering Brand name Endorsers through Personality Analysis . ”

Four brand names were analyzed (Nike, Adidas, The puma corporation and Under Armour) and 7 NBA players (Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Andrew Wiggins, Demarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward plus Kelly Oubre Jr. ). Throughout the analysis period — February via August of this year — all of the seven had shoe and clothes deals coming up for re-negotiation.

Here’ s a summary desk of the resulting matchup, with two athletes aligned with each brand name except Under Armour, which obtained one:

The research is intended as a case study of how Watson’ s analysis can be used for this purpose. Calabrese said there is not yet evidence this approach provides a better fit in between athletes and the brands, and, in order to his knowledge, it has not already been used by a brand to explicitly create its decision.

Why this matters to entrepreneurs. Connecting social influencers and celebrity endorsers to brand names has become a major part of marketing, but a lot of the previous analysis has been based on viewers reach — that is, the number of supporters — and engagement metrics.

The matching between both of these brands – influencer/celebrity and item maker – has been more seat-of-pants, sometimes by looking at previous passions or endorsement work of the individual. If Watson or other evaluation can reliably match personalities depending on social posts, the selection process can become more routine but more accurate.

At the very least, marketers could style specific marketing that is geared to the particular perceived personality traits of the brand name.

This tale first appeared on MarTech Today. To get more on marketing technology, click here.

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